The Secret of A Cappella——Deke Sharon

The Secret of A Cappella——Deke Sharon

The Secret of A Cappella——Deke Sharon

Masters International will be hosting a large-scale concert on 24th July in the Beijing Future Theatre with international a cappella sensation, Deke Sharon as director!

For those unfamiliar with the name Deke Sharon, he is a leading force (arguably the leading force) behind the enormous resurgence of a cappella singing in the United States and around the world for the past few decades.  As arranger and conductor, Deke Sharon was a producer of The Sing-Off, an a cappella singing competition that was on television from 2009-2014, which led to numerous similar enterprises. Perhaps the best-known a cappella film, Pitch Perfect (2012) was followed with sequels Pitch Perfect II in 2015 and Pitch Perfect III in 2017.

This craze is only growing and has reached the singers of Beijing, China!  

Featured in this concert will be smashing a cappella arrangements all made by Deke Sharon.

Mr. Sharon has made over 2000 arrangements, and they are eminently appealing and singable. 

You will not be able to resist the sheer joy in music-making that the performance groups will all share. Groups joining the Masters International performance include the well known United States youth a cappella group, Chamber Bravura

The following information was written by The New York Concert Review after a similar concert in New York City:  “Deke Sharon has one of the most magnetic stage personalities one has ever encountered. To say he exudes energy, rhythm, and joy is wholly inadequate – he is a phenomenon. He appears virtually airborne as he covers the entire stage in a few strides and conducts with a uniquely agile and exuberant dance, drawing ecstatic energy from his musicians. In his role as emcee he excels as well and greets the audience almost like that of a cruise director (complete with humorous references to old television shows like Gilligan’s Island and The Love Boat).

His travel-themed banter helped string together a program of some fairly disparate music.  Deke Sharon believes in the power of music to transform the world, and he shows how it is done, drawing people together through the love of it (even sharing his email for anyone in the audience who may not be able to find a chorus to join). When he says that music can transform people, it may sound like a platitude, but I wouldn’t doubt his sincerity for an instant. His concerts give ample evidence.”

Would YOU like to come be part of this magical, a cappella event with phenomenon, Deke Sharon? 

If you do, you can find more information on how to sign up by visiting (enter website here).  Help us bring the western craze of pop a cappella to Beijing!  Be a part of history in the making!  We will see you there!

Venue: Beijing Future Theater

Date: July 23rd, 2020-July 24th,2020


July 23rd 15:00-17:00 Rehearsal Workshop I by Deke Sharon
July 24th 10:00-12:00 Rehearsal Workshop II by Deke Sharon
July 24th  16:40-17:00 Dress Rehearsal
July 24th  19:30-21:30 Concert (with Deke Sharon)

Up to 100 people

Price: $300

(includes two Rehearsal Workshops & a Concert with Deke Sharon)

Application fee: $50

The remaining $250 must be paid before May 1st, 2020.

The application fee is non-refundable.


Transportation fee, accommodation, and meals are not included

Performing info can be adjusted slightly.