Company Profile

Universal Music Culture Development Company belongs to Masters International, which is a group dedicates on culture exchanging between eastern and western. The business spreads China, Austria, Germany, Hungary, the United States, Russia, Australia, etc.
Universal Music Culture Development Company as a promoter for International arts & culture, mainly focuses on doing art training, commercial performances, and cultural exchanges. Besides, it is committed to build a high-class art platform, and a professional institution to promote international cultural exchanges. Universal Music Culture globalizes culture &art, and makes contributions to the cultural exchanges.
• Art Training: Organizing music, arts, drama, and dance Master Classes to art educators, education institutions, art groups and students.
• Performances: Arranging China tours for western top art groups (choirs, symphony orchestras, chamber orchestras).
• Art Festival & Cultural Exchanges: Organizing international Art Festivals & Cultural Exchanging activities such as music, photography, art, etc.

Universal Music Culture Development Company
Address:22nd Floor, Building 17, Jianwai SOHO West, No. 39 Dongsanhuan Middle Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing